Tea Consultant and Tea Expert – Angela Pryce

Through my work as a tea consultant I can help you add real value to your business. As a renowned tea expert, with over 14 years of experience, I have travelled and tasted my way around the world’s tea estates whilst working as a master tea buyer and blender for Twinings.

I now operate as an independent tea consultant, providing a tea tasting and blending service for businesses in the UK and around the world. See my Tea Consultant Services page for full details.


I work with start-up tea companies helping to develop bespoke tea blends. With 1,500 different varieties of tea in the world, produced across more than 20 different countries, the world of tea is vast. Tea is similar to wine in that the quality and taste varies dramatically depending on the micro-climatic conditions in which it is grown. Whenever there is even a small change in the weather the quality of tea from the same estate will change. This is the reason that many of the teas we love today are blended from a mix of teas sourced from all over the globe. It is the skill of the tea blender to taste and select the most appropriate teas to deliver the quality, colour and flavour needed for each blend. This ensures that the customer gets the same product quality every time.

Blends can be created to match your requirements, and can include loose leaf or teabag, flavoured or unflavoured. Green, black, oolong, pu-erh or white tea blends, or fruit and herbal tisanes. I have a global supply base or can work with your existing suppliers.

I also consult with tea factories worldwide, providing feedback on teas produced, to help improve marketing opportunities.

Another service offered is principally for tea shops, hotels, delis and restaurants, whereby I can help you enhance your tea offering. See my Retail Services page for full details.

This can include managing your tea menu; reviewing the range and bringing to the list quality teas with style and personality. I can also advise on ‘Tea and Food Pairing’ menus, and can provide information on tea seasonality to help you create exciting events throughout the year.

Crucial in being able to serve a perfect cup of tea, is knowing the most appropriate brewing technique. Therefore another service offered for the hospitality sector is staff training. This covers the key areas of tea knowledge; basic tea types, tea tasting, and tea service (e.g. communication, brewing methods and serving). A training pack is provided so that each new member of staff can be included and brought up to the required standard.

A more detailed Tea Tasting Book can also be created detailing each tea from the menu, for your staff and/or customers to consult. Each tea descriptor will be accompanied by its own anecdotes, origin and style as well as my own tasting notes.

Through my work as a tea consultant I also write and speak about tea, and frequently run education events at various locations. Keep an eye on my twitter feed for details of any upcoming classes or events.

Through meeting people over the years I realised that more and more people are fascinated by the world of tea and are keen to improve their knowledge and try something new. Ever since I was very young tea has been my passion, and has since become my career.

Tea is my life…I want to make it more important in yours.